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Meet the BMC Pro Triathlon Team

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1. Take 7 world class triathletes.

The BMC Pro Triathlon Team is one of the leading and most ambitious projects in today's professional triathlon. Seven world-class athletes race for the BMC Pro Triathlon Team: Lucy Buckingham, Lucy Byram, Sam Dickinson, Kristian Høgenhaug, Chris Leiferman, Thor Bendix Madsen and Clément Mignon. Bike manufacturer BMC Switzerland serves as the team's main sponsors. Since the launch of the international team in 2014 the results have been outstanding with the BMC Pro triathletes winning over 150 races and finishing on the podium in more than 300 of them, including the Ironman World Title in Hawaii in 2022, the PTO European Open Championship in 2023, the ITU Long Distance World Title in 2021, 11 Ironman Continental Championship titles, 4 Vice-World titles and victories in the most prestigious races on the calendar. With more than 50 races on the 2024 calendar, the red team is coming soon to a triathlon near you.

2. Give them the best materials, support and R&D.

In 2010, the Belgian lifestyle real estate group Uplace was the driving force behind the creation of the Uplace Pro Triathlon Team, the only Belgian professional triathlon team at the time. The goal was to record top Belgian results in international triathlon. Three years, 12 Ironman victories and 19 Ironman podium finishes later, that ambitious objective was met.

BMC Switzerland, on board as title sponsor with Uplace since 2014, is a long-established name in the cycling industry. The company has an extensive expertise and track record in road cycling with the BMC Racing Team and the BMC MTB Team.

BMC Switzerland provides the athletes with the unconditionally fast Speedmachine TT bikes and the Teammachine R road bikes. They also enjoy the support of the BMC technical staff and the latest advances in BMC bike technology. 

The operational management of the team, overseen by General Manager Bob De Wolf, is devided in five dedicated departments – operations, marketing, athletic, bike-technical and medical – to provide the athletes and their coaches with coordinated professional support.

The athletes get top professional advice and guidance from a team of experts, including Ben De Wolf (sports director), Roel Parys (team doctor), Maarten Thysen (strength and stabilization) and its own team of bike mechanics. They also receive world-class support and materials from team partners Wahoo Fitness, uvex, DT Swiss, Alé, Orca, BMW Le Couter, Vittoria, ZEN8, 6D Sports Nutrition, Elite, Barcelo Lanzarote Active Resort, Pressio, Optimize Bike & Tri, Best Swim Centre and TrainingPeaks.

3. And let them work together to become even better and achieve greatness in long distance triathlon.

We want to continue winning big races and keep our position as one of the leading teams in the world. We believe that in today's triathlon, it takes a team to achieve those ambitious objectives. Shared access to the best resources and support is an important benefit. But for the BMC Pro Triathlon Team, it's also about working with your team mates to achieve individual goals. Because nobody understands your challenges better than they do. So we push and support each other every day. We train, suffer, laugh, and ultimately achieve greatness together.

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