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Follow it live: Romain Guillaume in IM New Zealand

On March 1, Romain Guillaume tackles one of his most important races of the year, IM New Zealand. It will be a key race for Romain not just because of its status as one of the classic triathlons (this is the 30th anniversary of the event) but also because he is trying out a new nutrition plan during the race. “For me, it will be a new Ironman,” Romain said, noting that he was “hitting the wall all the time” in previous races because he was not getting enough nutrition on the course. With some adjustments, he is confident that he will be able to keep his energy level high throughout the race without a lull in his performance, especially during the run.

We are bringing live updates, pictures, tweets and the Ironman.com video feed via the home page of our team site and via our Storify feed. There are lots of previews and pre-race pictures on the feed already. From 6:45am Saturday Taupo time/6:45pm Friday Brussels time, we will bring you real-time updates of the race. Good luck, Romain!

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