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BMC Pro Triathlon Team and Supersapiens announce partnership

The BMC Pro Triathlon Team is proud to announce a partnership with Supersapiens, a sports technology company empowering sustained peak performance through glucose management. The technical performance partnership will allow BMC athletes to have real-time glucose visibility with the Supersapiens app and the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor.

Supersapiens is built for athletes by athletes with a combined 30+ years of experience at the toughest level of sports. In partnership with global healthcare leader Abbott, Supersapiens is empowering athletes with a biosensor designed specifically for athletic performance. The energy management ecosystem is available in select European countries.

“BMC Pro Triathlon is quickly becoming the world’s leading long-distance professional triathlon team. Their pursuit of performance and technological advancements is closely watched and respected by everyone in the sport,” said Todd Furneaux, President and Co-Founder of Supersapiens. “Through Supersapiens, the BMC-Vifit athletes will have insights and retrospective analysis into their glucose, which will allow them to optimize their fuel strategies. In triathlon, fueling is considered the fourth discipline of the sport, and we are eager to help Triathletes remove the mystery when it comes to optimal fueling through real-time glucose visibility.”

The BMC Pro Triathlon Team  is one of the leading teams in professional triathlon. The global outfit features eight world-class athletes, including Pablo Dapena Gonzalez, Kristian Høgenhaug, Chris Leiferman, Katrina Matthews, Patrik Nilsson, Max Neumann, Emma Pallant, and Chelsea Sodaro. Since 2014, BMC-Vifit athletes have won a total of 107 races and earned 215 podium finishes. The team’s ultimate goal is to win the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. 

“The start of our partnership with Supersapiens takes us to a new and unseen level of professional support that we can offer our athletes. Our entire team vision is based around offering our athletes the best possible support to optimize their performances,” added Bob De Wolf, CEO of the BMC-Vifit Pro Triathlon Team. “Nutrition plays such an integral part in our athletes' day-to-day lives and we embrace sports nutrition as the fourth discipline in triathlon. The cooperation with Supersapiens enables our athletes to manage energy data and provides them with real-time information and insights on when to fuel and what to fuel with.”

Energy management is the make or break variable between finishing a race strong, or not. With the Supersapiens app powered by Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the BMC-Vifit triathletes and their coaches will learn and train with live-streaming glucose data and powerful retrospective analysis tools. Glucose visibility allows them to better understand their body’s individual fueling requirements, dial in their pre-race glucose loading strategy, and maintain their optimal fuel ranges in competition—sustaining peak performance at all times.

“The Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor provides our athletes with the scientific approach to fully understand their personal and unique fueling needs. As a team, we strive to provide our athletes with best in class support,” said De Wolf. “Determining the right individual nutrition strategy for each of our athletes is a crucial aspect of overall performance. With the Supersapiens technologies, our athletes are enabled to work with personalized insights to manage their energy needs and finetune their fueling strategy.”

The Supersapiens ecosystem powered by the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor allows athletes to correlate glucose levels and performance. Because optimal fueling is different for every individual, effective energy management is nearly impossible without real-time visibility to an individual’s own live-streaming glucose levels. This data allows athletes to prevent a steep drop in glucose that can result in performance degradations. Outside of competition, glucose management can help to improve recovery, sleep, insulin resistance, and potentially even longevity.

BMC-Vifit athlete Chris Leiferman said, “I am pumped to work with Supersapiens and their technology! Glucose uptake has been a trial and error approach my whole career and many times I have failed with it,” Leiferman finished 10th at the 2019 Ironman World Championship. “Now with the Libre Sense biosensor, I can get continuous real-time data to dial in and make my training and in-race fueling an exact measurement. As an Ironman athlete, fueling is everything—and now I am excited to know that I am giving my body exactly what it needs”.

The Supersapiens ecosystem, powered by Abbott Libre Sense, is now available for pre-order at Supersapiens.com in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Shipping to consumers will begin in the coming weeks. Learn more about Supersapiens and purchase the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor at www.supersapiens.com.

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